We can now setup web forms to pull client data into your CRM from Shopify. Track style preferences, sizes, social URLs and more. 

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Must Have Shopify Apps and Features

Less paid plugins the better. Sometimes it’s faster and easier to use a commercial off the shelf solution (COTS). Here are a few ideas to help any savvy retailer improve their online store.

Need help with Shopify? Contact us at http://facebook.com/agencycouture

1. Facebook to Sync products

2. Pinteres...

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A trademark distinguishes your brand, products or services from similar providers. 

It's a word, symbol, design, sound, color, or smell. 

Trademark: Brand

Patent: Inventions

Copyright: Original artistic works

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Where to find Facebook Collections

Facebook Shop collections are, as the name implies, as collection of products in a business pages' storefront. 

Navigate to your Facebook business page. 

- Pages Icon
- Search
- Direct URL

Go to your shop. 


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Lookbooks are digital or print magazines that show off that season's catalog! 

It's a great marketing tool and helps later if you need to destash. 

Tool Example:Sweet Paul Magazine


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Website Design Before and After Photos

Challenge: Sweet Endeavors Honey was on Square and wanted to expand their market reach, have more visibility over sales, and improve the brand design. The owner, Dean Coleman, wanted a new website, logo, brand packaging, marketing plan, and social media strategy.

Solution: In order to do accomplish t...

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5 Ideas for Instagram Stories

Tell your story! Who are you? What is your brand about? Introduce your team. Be relatable.

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6 Places to Publish Business Videos

YouTube is the SECOND largest search engine online, after Google (which owns YouTube).

  • Posts
  • Stories
  • Highlights
  • Facebook Page Post
  • Facebook Live
  • Facebook Group
  • Stories
  • Rooms
  • Personal Profile (influencers)
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Video Editing Sample

Challenge: The client wanted to feature real estate that she was doing open-houses for to help promote sales. 

Solution: We created a full branding package including a new logo, social media cover imagery, story icons for Instagram, and storyboards for videos. We then took images from the MLS an...

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How to create an adaptive design that looks different on a desktop computer versus a mobile phone or tablet using Zoho Sites.
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